Flora & Fauna - Renee Mitchell

Opening Night: Tuesday 21st March, 6.30 - 8.00pm

Flora & Fauna - Renee Mitchell

ESD Gallery welcomes you to the opening of Flora & Fauna, highly detailed scratch

works by artist Renee Mitchell.

Regarding the process in creating these technical works Renee says: 
" Research first. I have an idea of what I am after, the subject. Finding

the right one, with the right amount of emotive power is key to following through on a piece. Once I have chosen, I get my gigantic case of Artline pens and roughly scratch an outline.


When I am satisfied, I mix my paints, and start laying down colour, manipulating the paint with my brush, fingers, tilting and air. Once the paint is down and dry I get to work on my darks, using a thick (Artline 70) pen. Then it’s to the fine-liner (Artline 270) to scratch out the detail and keep scratching until it makes some kind of sense… or at least sense to me. I essentially started scribbling and became slightly obsessed with working in the loose format, the liberation that comes from scratching out subjects. Watching them come to life in a passionate frenzy of scribble."  


Show running from 21st March - 17th April 2017

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