Drug and alcohol problems

Doctors at ESD are happy to provide care and treatment for people who have difficulties with drug and alcohol use.

If you are worried that you are having problems with alcohol, tobacco, heroin, amphetamines (crystal, ice) marijuana or other drugs please talk to one of our doctors.

Many of the doctors at ESD can also provide treatment including buprenorphine or methadone, although appointments for these services will need to be organised with our Drug and Alcohol Nurse to determine which doctor has available places. If you are a new patient to the practice, please discuss this with our reception staff.

Clean Slate Clinic at East Sydney Doctors 

Do you feel like you need help with your drinking?  Always waking up with a hangover?  Worried you have lost control?

 The Clean Slate Clinic is run by Dr Chris Davis and provides a discreet service for those wishing to address problem drinking. To find out more you can follow the link at the bottom of the page. 


East Sydney Doctors and The Langton Centre ‘Shared Care’ clinic.

A weekly clinic is provided by The Langton Centre which is part of South East Sydney Local Health District and staffed by Clinical Nurse Specialist in Drug and Alcohol from the centre.

To be referred to the ‘Shared Care’ clinic, a referral from a GP at ESD must be completed or please contact ESD reception for further information.

The clinic provides:

• General information and education around alcohol use and its effects

• Comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment

• Client support by motivational interviewing and strength based interventions

• Support letters in accessing specific services such as community/public housing, mental health services and other community interventions

• Case management and care planning with the client

• Case management and care planning with the GP and client

• Supportive long term follow-up.

Referral to The Langton Centre if needed for services such as:

• Opioid Treatment Program (Methadone, Suboxone)

• Medications to assist in the control of alcohol use (Naltrexone & Antibuse)

• Referral to CUPS team (Chemical Use in Pregnancy Service)

• Referral to POC Clinic (Prescribed Opioid Clinic) for problematic over the counter and prescribed analgesia/pain relief medication

• Referral to the therapy team at The Langton Clinic to access their counselling service and group therapy sessions that include relapse prevention.

• Referral to The Langton Centre welfare & other agencies such as rehabilitation and detoxification units.



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