Fragments of Grace - Gillian Wright

Opening Night: Tuesday 18th April, 6.30 - 8.00pm

Fragments of Grace - Gillian Wright

Raw and found objects juxtaposed into beautiful constructs. The pieces portrait a timeless essence of lost and found, re-birthed and eternal.

Gillian says of the work, "Wings symbolise so much to so many.
Melancholy, with gentle birds in a rural setting, a ravens wings fluttering over carrion, divine angels watching over decaying urban scenes or 'winged' death departing in an animated film scene.
These are pivotal images that present themselves when analysing 'why wings?
The core reaction to what they are and what they represent changes dramatically with each observer.
When melded with urban refuse, discarded from its original role, they take on new life and purpose.
The Venetian blinds used have a natural aesthetic, drawing the eye and mesmerising the viewer with their clean sweeping lines.
The found objects all bring a sense of history or a more whimsical past.
Each found piece has a story just waiting to be told.".

Exhibition runs from Tuesday 18th April - 21st May 2017.

Curator, Gordon R Carmichael

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